Tourism Culture Industry Research Institute

Tourism Culture Industry Research Institute was founded in July, 2012. It consists of "one office and two centers", that is, Office and Research Center of Tourism Planning and Research Center for Cultural Industry. It is a unit with key disciplinary--Tourism Management and the sole teaching and research base for Tourism Management in China established jointly by National Tourism Bureau and Yunnan province. The Research Center of Tourism Planning is granted with National Grade B qualification in tourism planning. The institute has second level disciplines authorized to offer master degree of Tourism Management( including disciplines of Tourism Economic Theory and Operation Management, Exhibition Economy Theory and Service Management, and Tourism Planning, Development and Management) and under-construction disciplines authorized to offer doctoral degree (including Tourism Economics Operation and Management, Ethnic Tourism Resources Development and Planning, Ethnic Tourism Culture and Management). At the same time, the institute has formed good relationship of academic exchanges with domestic elite universities, including Nankai University and Yunnan University; and it has formed beneficial cooperation with the well-known domestic enterprises like Yunnan Expo Group.

Relying on the scientific research and industry platform, such as the key discipline--Tourism Management and scientific research bases, a strong scientific research power and a team of graduate students have been formed and strengthened. Based on the development of industry integration and the cause of serving the local regional economy, the institute is steered to serve the country and periphery countries.

Three-year Master’s Programs:

Tourism Management

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