Research Institutes

1.  Full-time Institutes

(1)Institute of Land & Resources and Sustainable Development

(2)Research Institute of Economic

(3)Tourism Culture Industry Research Institute

(4)Research Institute for Indian Ocean Economies

(5)Research Institute of Philosophy and Ethics

(6)Regional Development Research Institute

(7)Investment Research Institute

(8)Research Institute of Finance and Taxation

(9)Higher Education Research Institute

(10)Center for Advanced Study of Public Policy

(11)Center for Social & Economic Behavior Studies

(12)The Centre for Global Studies in the Asia-Pacific Region

(13)Yunnan Research Institute of Foreign Financial Cooperation

(14)Yunnan Research Institute of Finance, Taxation and Public Policy

(15)Economic System and Economic Policy Institute


2. Part-time Institutes

YUFE has set up 41 part-time institutes and departments, including the Research Center of Economic Development, Research Institute for Southeast and South Asia, Research Institute of Computer Application, Human Resource Consultation and Research Center, Cross-cultural Management Research Center and Research Institute of National Culture Industry.

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