Research Institute of Economic

Research Institute of Economic is a teaching and research institute engaging in research on theory and decision-making of the economic and social development and in teaching post-graduates in Yunnan University of Finance and Economics. This institute works at the same place together with Yunnan WTO Research Center, Yunnan APEC Research Center, Yunnan Multinational Corporation Research Center, and Yunnan CAFTA Research Center. It includes 22 substantive research institutes, 20 virtual research centers, as well as offices, Graduate Department, Editorial Department of College Journal, Editorial Department of Periodical, Literature Center, Department of Social Services, and Department of Scientific Research.

Research Institute of Economic focuses on fields of economy, management, the United Front, law, society, education, international issues, and technology. In addition to provincial key disciplines-- World Economy, International Trade, Finance and Multinational Corporation Management, our institute has the following preponderant subjects: International Relations, Technical Economics and Management, Social Security, Philosophy of Science and Technology, Administration Management, Sociology, Agricultural Economics and Management, Forestry Economics and Management, Environmental Economics, Energy Economics, River Economics, Evolutionary Economics, Border Economics, Fuzzy Economics, Scientific Socialism, and Medical and Healthcare Economics.


Three-year Master’s Programs:

World Economy


International Trade

Social Security


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