Regional Development Research Institute

    Regional Development Research Institute was established in September, 2002. It has a young and middle-aged academic research team with the full-time researchers at the core and part-time researchers from and beyond the university as an important support and it is also authorized for granting master's degree of Regional Economics. Now it has be an important academic position in regional economic research in Yunnan province, with 80-plus academic papers published, many of which have been reprinted by the Press Copy Center of Renmin University of China. It has published numerous academic books such as Late-development Advantage and Trade Development, Research on the Development of Small Towns in China, Research on Regional Economic Cooperation, An Introduction to Regional Economics, Power, Institution and Economic Growth, and Study on China's Industrial Competitiveness Based on the FDI Agglomeration. In addition, it has presided over 30 projects, with three projects supported by National Philosophy and Social Science Fund, and one project supported by MOE (Ministry of Education in China) Liberal arts and Social Sciences Foundation.

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