Economic System and Economic Policy Institute

Economic System and Economic Policy Institute was established in September, 2007. It consists of Economics Research Center, Economic Policy Research Center, Behavioral Economics Research Center and Law and Economics Research Center. Against the background of China's social and economic development, the institute researches the results of institutional change and economic policy of China and gives priority to the research on formal and informal evolution of systems in Yunnan ethnic areas, by taking advantage of the existing principles and methods in modern western new institutional economics, new political economics, radical economics and Marx economics. A report of Analysis of Social and Economic Development Institution in Ethnic Areas in Yunnan Province has been put forward each year since 2008. The institute has been authorized to grant Master degree in Political Economics. This organization will become an important institute of economic system and economic policy in Yunnan province during the 11th Five-Year Plan and the 12th Five-Year Plan period, and will make contributions to the development of the university and the progress of the local economy.

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