Research Institute of Philosophy and Ethics

The Research Institute of Philosophy and Ethics was founded in January, 2013, and it derived from the Economic and Ethics Institute (founded in 2003), which originally belonged to the School of Marxism of Yunnan University of Finance and Economics. Nowadays, it possesses one master’s program under second-level discipline in Ethics, 7 postgraduate students and more than 20 full-time and part-time researchers. Through the joint efforts of all numbers, many remarkable achievements have researched, for example, Professor Lin Hao and Dr. Zhang Xiaohu published their articles in Guangming Daily and China Industrial Economics respectively and Dr. Zhang Xiaohu and Yin Songbo totally publish 7 academic monographs by Economic Science Press, Commercial Press and Nankai University Press. The research institute sets its goals as follows: (1) to cultivate high-level Master holders of philosophy; (2) to gradually develop the current second-level discipline in Ethics into first-level discipline of philosophy; (3) to achieve several high-quality scientific researches; (4) to change the research institute into an influential philosophical and historical research base step by step; (5) to strengthen international exchanges and establish Chinese Philosophy and Chinese History courses for foreign students.

Three-year Master’s Programs:


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