Research Institute for Indian Ocean Economies

Research Institute for Indian Ocean Economies (RIIO) is an independent academic institution of Yunnan University of Finance and Economics. The center will uphold the basic principles of seeking truth, and being pragmatic, scientific and rigorous, dedicate to all-round researches on the theory, practice and policy for India Ocean area from the perspective of a great power and a strategic height to make basic, forward-looking and strategic contribution to the development of China and the India Ocean area, and to provide intellectual support for the governments and enterprises to make scientific decisions.

Yunnan has a unique geographical advantage as China's only land connecting the Southeast Asia with the Indian Ocean coastal countries. When building Yunnan into a bridgehead opening to the southwest has been included in the national strategy, Yunnan shows its increasing importance at the leading edge for the implementation of the policy--opening to the outside world. Against this background, there is a growing necessity and urgency to carry out all-directional research on the India Ocean region.

RIIO, adhering to the principle of being international-, academic- and strategic-oriented, integrates academic research with consulting services, and it is committed to the strategic research and policy research in theory and practice for the future development of the Indian Ocean region. The institute has put forward many advanced theories and practical research results through the normative economic analysis and public academic discussion. At the same time, RIIO will attach importance to academic exchanges and cooperation with domestic and foreign research institutions in the same field, organize regularly international academic seminars, and provide its research results and information about its research activities to governments, enterprises and the public via academic papers, research reports, news, quarterly journals and blue books.

Three-year Master’s Programs:

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