Higher Education Research Institute

Higher Education Research Institute was founded in May, 1998. It centers on the study of development and reform for schools, provides consulting services for education reform, and has established a complete information database of higher education research data. Basing on its main function--teaching administration which includes teaching quality supervision and curriculum construction, it has conducted education and teaching research since it started its cooperation with the Academic Affairs Office. The institute has organized and participated in major topics such as Evaluation on Educational Administration in Yunnan Province, Higher Education Curriculum Construction Evaluation in Yunnan Province, Education Development Planning Research during the 10th Five-Year Plan Period in Yunnan Province, Research on the Teaching Quality of Ordinary Universities in Yunnan Province, and Research on Yunnan University City Construction Planning,  among which 14 are province-level projects and 7 are university-level projects, encompassing various aspects of the research on theory and practice of higher education.

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