Research Institute of Finance and Taxation

The Research Institute of Finance and Taxation was established in January, 2005. Since its establishment, it has completed 11 topics including two supported by Yunnan Social Science Planning Office, three supported by the Ministry of Finance, and six supported by Yunnan Finance System. In addition, it has participated in the organization and guidance of subjects supported by the Yunnan State Tax System. Ten subjects are under research, including one sponsored by National Natural Science Fund, one sponsored by Yunnan Research Institute of Social Sciences, two sponsored by Yunnan Social Sciences Planning Office, one sponsored by Yunnan People's Congress, one sponsored by Yunnan government (in collaboration with the Provincial Economic Commission), one sponsored by State Administration of Taxation (and Yunnan State Scientific Research Institute), and three as above by Yunnan State Tax System. Three monographs have been published by China Financial and Economic Publishing House: Report on the Fiscal Development of Yunnan Province in 2004, Report on the Fiscal Development of Yunnan Province in 2005, and Research on Security Mechanism of Public Fund for Rural Compulsory Education in Yunnan Province. The institute has won one third-prize for individual awarded by Yunnan Provincial Academy of Social Sciences, two first-prizes for organizations, one second-prize for individual and six third-prizes awarded by Yunnan University of Finance and Economics. All these achievements greatly support the development of preponderant subjects in our university and will lay the foundation for the Public Finance to be authorized to offer doctor degree.

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