The international students attended the 35th sports meet of our university

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The afternoon of November 13, 2019, our school held the 35th sports meeting. More than 100 international students which from 47 countries participated in the opening ceremony and the group gymnastics performance.
As the team came out as the finale, the international students team won the thunderous cheers of the audience when they held the 47 national flags pass through the podium. It is an expression of friendship between Chinese students and international students. It is also fully embodies the peace-loving, warm and friendly character of the Chinese people.

In the dance performances, international students from different countries constantly change formation. The 47 national flags stand in a row and become the background of the internationl students’  background.

The performance began, accompanied with melodious music, the students danced a waltz. Their graceful dance steps seemed to bring the campus back to the warm spring. A dozen Laotian international students danced in the middle of the playground later. Laotian dance is famous for its gentleness, the leader of the dancing team is a male student from Laos, but he danced so well that caused the audiences cheers and screams many times. Then is the samba from African students, the cheerful music, the dark skin , make everyone reminding of the vast land of Africa. finally, all international students held hands, slowly coming to the auditorium and gave their regards, the auditorium burst into applause and cheers again and again.

During the past 20 years, our university welcome students from all over the world with an open and inclusive attitude. hundreds of international students living in the campus all year round which is a beautiful scenery in the campus. All of this international students constantly promote the development of the internationalization of our education.

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