International Students Participated the 2021 Graduation Ceremony of YUFE

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On 24th June, 2021, the 2021 graduation ceremony was held in Huiwen auditorium in Longquan Campus of Yunnan University of Finance and Economics. Ms. Wang Jianying, The chair of the university board of YUFE awarded the credentials to the graduates, and Mr. Fu Runmin, president of YUFE adjusted the bachelor’s cap and flipped the tassel for the graduates. Altogether there are 7405 graduates, and 11 of them obtained the doctorate degree, 802 of them obtained Master’s degree, and 6544 of them were awarded bachelor’s degree. Especially, 40 international students obtained Master’s degree and 8 international students were awarded bachelor’s degree.


In his speech, president Fu quoted some classical lines from the Youth written by Li Dazhao to share with the students and faculty members, it is “we are here to improve the civilization of the world and strive for the well-being of human kind; I will devote my youth to create a youthful family, a youthful country, a youthful nation, a youthful human being, a youthful earth, a youthful universe, so as to enjoy my endless life.


LEE KYEONG HUN, an international student from Korea shared his stories of his four year studying in YUFE, and he hoped that all the international students can become the bridge for connecting China and the world, contribute their own strength in deepening the friendship between China and the world and constructing the shared community of human kind.


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