A Warm Discussion of YUFE’s 70 eventful history, A Common Endeavour in Creating Bright Future in the New Era-------70th Anniversary of YUFE

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On 26th September 2021, Yunnan University of Finance and EconomicsYUFE)’s 70th Anniversary was celebrated solemnly. Combining online and offline celebration activities, all YUFE’s staff, alumni, personages from all walks of life and international friends gathered together “on the cloud” to witness this milestone moment in YUFE’s history. Chair of YUFE Council, Ms Wang Jianying, hosted the whole celebration ceremony; Deputy Chair of YUFE Council, President Fu Runmin delivered a speech on YUFE’s behalf. Representatives from alumni, other allied universities, retired leaders and international partners all extended their congratulations in their own way.


“The 70th Anniversary Celebration is an important milestone in the history of YUFE’s development. It is a major event for all YUFEers, and a grand celebration to gather consensus and inspire strength.” Ms. Wang Jianying pointed out that in the past 70 years, YUFEers always remain true to YUFE’s original aspiration and have the courage to assume the mission. The university adheres to the socialist direction of running a school, fully implements the party's educational policy, practices the fundamental task of establishing moral integrity in cultivation, promotes culture and education in Yunnan, passes the torch, and creates a unique development path for financial colleges in border ethnic minority areas. In the past 70 years, YUFEers have always worked hard and strived to make progress. From a Financial Cadre Training School to a provincial key university as today’s regional high-level university of finance and economics, every striver, pioneer, and contributor is not afraid of facing various difficulties and obstacles. They burn passion in career development, contribute own power in reform and construction, and eventually forge today's regional high-level university of finance and economics together. Over the past 70 years, YUFEers have always been self-improving, daring to be the first, positioning themselves in the torrent of the times, taking up responsibilities, taking advantage of every opportunity and challenge, and creating the glory that belongs to the YUFE community. Ms. Wang also indicated in her speech that, standing at the start of a new journey, YUFE will continually shoulder the mission of cultivating talents on behalf of the Party and the Country, make new contribution to propel the high-quality development of Yunnan’s economy and society, work unrelentingly to provide the satisfactory education to our people and to rejuvenate Chinese nation.

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President Fu Runmin expressed his high respect and sincere gratitude to the guests both online and offline, personages from all walks of life, the leadership and friends who have been always supporting YUFE’s development, to all retired leadership in YUFE’s history, retirees and all the faculty and alumni who have made conscientious contribution to YUFE all these years, and he also extended his festive congratulations to all the faculties who made quite contribution in YUFE’s history and the alumni who have added luster to YUFE.

Looking back YUFE’s history as its first establishment as a Financial Cadre School in Yunnan in 1951, president Fu summarized the 70 year history of struggle by describing it as “ an eventful 70 years by weathering the storms to succeed” and he summarized the symbolic achievements that YUFE obtained in fulfilling the five major functions of modern university. He confirmed that when entering the new era, YUFE smoothly established the educational programs at all levels required for a modern university by grasping all available opportunities and making leapfrog development, and preliminarily established itself as a high-level university in finance and economics with regional fame. It is because that YUFEers adheres to the principle of moral cultivation, advocate academia, aim to serve the society, persist cultural inheritance to manifest the characteristic, deepen open and inclusive management of the university, and YUFEers in several generation agglomerate cohesion, make continuous innovation, breakthrough and transcend, bear in mind the mission of the modern universities as their target of excellency, that YUFE eventually achieved today’s result. He pointed out that, every exploration of YUFE has agglomerated YUFEers’ superb wisdom, every breakthrough has witnessed the pragmatic footprint of YUFEers, every pilot project has burdened the innovation strength of YUFEers, and every reform has manifested the responsibilities shouldered by YUFEers. Every achievement of YUFE today are rooted from the solicitous care of the provincial leadership and provincial party committee, the sincere assistance from the personages of all walks of life and domestic and overseas friends, and the sweat and wisdom of YUFEers in generations. All these familyhood worth our eternal cherish and all these histories worth to be inscribed by our YUFEers.

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Professor Zhuo Zhi, President of Southwestern University of Finance And Economics (SWUFE), on behalf of domestic universities, extended his best wishes for a long history of brotherly friendship between the two universities through a video message. He also wished YUFE to cultivate numerous talents and to possess a bright future. Professor Zhuo stated that YUFE and SWUFE are both located in the southwest region of China. They are both universities with coordinated development of economics and management and share the same responsibility and mission. YUFE and SWUFE had a long standing basis of cooperation. The two universities signed a cooperation agreement in 2012, focusing on doctoral education innovation, and established broad cooperative relations in personnel training, scientific research and academic exchanges, and especially discipline construction. Frequent academic interaction between the two universities, close communication between teachers and students compose a meaningful chapter with deep friendship.


"Passing the torch with eternal flame of tradition for seventy years, and Staying true to the founding mission in Yunnan; Strengthening self-improvement with vigorous action, and daring to be the first to forge ahead”, “YUFE bore the plight with resolute and fortitude during the past seventy years, cultivated talents with innovative applications on reality", "Learning and practicing Earnestly for over seventy years; Staying oriented in virtue for a new chapter“...... More than 100 universities, including Tianjin University, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Central China Normal University, Yunnan University and Dongbei University of Finance and Economics, extended their congratulations on the 70th anniversary of YUFE through their official weibo accounts, wishing each other a long lasting friendship and common progress.

Dr. Pitchayaphant Charnbhumidol, Vice President of Rangsit University, Thailand, and Professor John Germov, Executive Vice President of Charles Stuart University (CSU), Australia and other international friends sent their best wishes and sincere wishes for the 70th anniversary of our YUFE through videos. In his speech, Dr. Pitchayaphant Charnbhumidol praised the close cooperation between the two universities and the successful implementation of the Bangkok Business School and other projects. He wishes Yunnan University of Finance and Economics (YUFE) continues to grow and be prosperous in the years to come. Professor John Germov expressed his great pleasure to congratulate YUFE on its 70th Anniversary. CSU highly values the long standing partnership with YUFE which commenced in the year 2000. The partnership not only deepens the exchanges and friendship between China and Australia, but also benefits the education in both countries. He believes that our two universities will cultivate more graduates with excellent skills and solid knowledge.

In addition, Rouhieh Tabibzadegan, a Canadian foreign teacher, and more than 10 international students ordered birthday cakes to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of YUFE in a special way. Rouhieh said it was a great honor to become a member of the YUFE family, and hoped to contribute to YUFE`s future development together with all the teachers and students. The international students also expressed their sense of belonging, identity and pride of study and living in YUFE. They said that they would serve as a bridge and ambassador of friendship to connect their alma mater with the world, and to connect China with the world.

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