A welcome party for new foreign students

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On October 11, 2015 in the second floor of the YUFE Yinxing Canteen (银杏餐厅 yinxing canting) the International Students Club held a welcome party for the new international students. The goal of this event was to give our school foreign students of different nationalities and majors a chance to know each other, as welll as to introduce them to the Chinese culture by making the famous dumplings (饺子jiaozi). Most of the students who participated the party, come from South East Asia, but we also had some representation from Africa and Europe. We were also very glad to have some leaders and teachers from the School of International Languages and Cultures (国际语言文化学院 guoji yuyan wenhua xueyuan) with us that day. In our busy school life we not often have the opportunity to spend time all together, as we live in different dorms, and have classes in different buildings and at different hours. Therefore, we enjoyed the time very much, that besides bringing us closer together, also brought us a new cooking skill.


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