One of the advantageous features of YUFE’s operating concept is to run an open university,to learn from others, and to gear education to the needs of China and the world. It is particularly true that in a world closely connected as a village, knowledge is free of national borders. The common development of humanity calls for the constant renewal of knowledge and exchange of intelligence. Over the past decades, YUFE has always stuck to its principle of running an open university, and established long-term cooperative relationships with over 80 universities, colleges and educational institutions in over 30 countries and regions including America, Britain, Russia, Japan, Australia, India and so on. YUFE has strengthened its exchange and cooperation with institutions of higher learning institutions in the ASEAN countries and sped up the process of raising the university’s level of internationalization and recognition.

As for promoting multi-level international personnel training, three undergraduate projects and two master projects collaborated between Chinese and foreign parties were approved by the Ministry of Education of China for Yunnan Province that are in our university. YUFE has launched joint programs at the undergraduate level with Keuka College, Charles Sturt University and Edinburgh Napier University, and a "3+0" joint program at the postgraduate level with the University of Greenwich. YUFE also has created "3+2", "2+2" and "3+3" programs with ASEAN universities and colleges. In recent years, YUFE has also developed dual-degree projects with Sup De Co Montpellier, Zurich University of Applied Sciences, Woosong University, Auburn University at Montgomery and other universities.

In addition, our university has established a system completed with teacher configuration, teaching evaluation system, curriculum, and international teaching methods as well as the international education experience such as "introducing, integrating and localizing the education". Thus, ASEAN School of YUFE is established to conduct the minority language teaching mode toward ASEAN with the support of professional construction. Multi national and university cooperation "Shangri-La University Alliance" is established, creating the diversified platform to train international talents. Meanwhile, with a strong and professional faculty force, YUFE has established a set of fine courses offered entirely in English. Four business Chinese centers are set to provide an inclusive, convenient space for overseas students.

Since recruiting the first overseas graduate in 1999, YUFE has accepted graduate students, undergraduates, language students and advanced students from southeast and south Asia and other countries to supply nearly 1,000 outstanding graduates into the society. At present, more than 600 overseas students are studying Chinese or acquire professional degree in our university every year, and degree students account two thirds of the total overseas students, which is in the forefront among universities in Yunnan.

To strengthen the international scientific communication, our university has held and jointly held 16 high-level international conferences, 930 domestic and foreign famous scholars from United States, Britain, Canada, Russia and other 20 countries and regions, and United Nations, World Bank, Asian Development Bank and embassies attending the conferences, covering the regional economic research in southeast Asia and South Asia, enterprise management and application of subjects such as mathematics in Asia, and conference papers and results reflecting the latest trends and frontier academic achievement. Moreover, our university has sent more than 130 faculty members overseas to participate in international conferences and training. All these are not only offering a variety of international research environment for our teachers, but also building a good international scientific research platform, to effectively promote the construction of our education internationalization.

With the open and inclusive ideology, various education resources and international services, we will witness YUFE improve its education internationalization to become a distinct internationalized university posing a great educational influence to southeast and south Asia with a high-level attraction.

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