About the City

As a famous cultural city and the capital of Yunnan province, Kunming is the center of politics, economy, culture, science and technology, education, business, tourism, information and finance and a hub traffic and communication. And it is a first-degree port city which connects the inland cities and southwestern cities of China with Southeast Asian and South Asian countries. Kunming located in the central of Yunnan-Guizhou plateau which governs five districts, a city and eight counties, with a total area of 21018 square kilometers and a population of 5.02 million.

With the advantageous geographical environment, Kunming,a plateau city which located beside Dian Lake, becomes one of the few cities in the world in which “the weather is often as one, continuously four springs” and its "spring city" reputation is famous in the world of sightseeing, leisure vacation, exploration and business meetings. Long history, splendid culture and the superior climate conditions left to Kunming  many precious cultural relics and scenic spots, led her to become a  garden city with“city in the scene, the scene in the city”. In Kunming, you can find various scenic spots and historic sites. For example, the Green Lake Park,which is called “City Jade” named after its beautiful willows and lotus; Daguanlou Park with the longest couplet in China; Jin Dian Park with a 250-ton copper hall; Black Dragon Park, which is famous for its two pools divided by a bridge,  one is clear, while the other is muddy, and in this park, you will find Tang plum blossom, Song cypress, Yuan cedar, Ming camellia and one hundred mu plum blossom; Qiongzhu Temple, which is famous for its five hundred arhat clay sculpture and known as "Oriental pearl" of sculpture art;West Mountain Forest Park with beautiful mountains and trees and many historic sites such as Huating Temple, Taihua Temple, Sanqing pavilion and Ni Er's tomb(Ni Er is a famous Chinese composer in 1920s to 1930s, who composed Chinese national anthem)... While among these more than 40 places of interest in  Kunming, these three below are the most famous: the Stone Forest, which is known as the "world wonders",  Jiuxiang water-Eroded Cave with its magnificent, scarry, peculiar and graceful karst cave landscape and Dian Lake National Tourist Area with the 330 kilometers Dian Lake.

Local people love flowers. You can see different kinds of flowers no matter in the Park, street or in local people's residence all the year round.  There are over 460 kinds of flowers having been planted in Kunming. Camellia, magnolia, rhododendron and primula are the most famous flowers in Kunming. Among them, camellia is the city flower of Kunming. In recent years, local people use the favorable natural resources and environmental conditions to develop flower planting and send thousands of colorful and fresh flowers to inland, coastal cities and overseas countries. With its increasing sales volume of flowers, Kunming is known as "Flower City" all over the world.    

The ethnic minorities lives in Kunming have formed various ethnic cultures through the long history. The unique architectures, costumes, etiquette, festivals and customs  are like different kinds of colorful pictures with ethnic cultures. If you are interested in the cultures of the ethnic minorities in Yunnan, it's a nice choice for you to visit Yunnan Nationalities Village. You can make friends with hospitable minorities, appreciate their culture and enjoy various local flavor snacks and food.  And if you choose a right time to visit there, you may probably join one minority festival, such as Water-Sprinkling Festival of Dai people, Third Month Fair of Bai people and Sanduo Festival of NaXi people and so on. You will see different kinds of performances of the ethnic minorities with their peculiar musical instruments, such as Mang gong (Dai people), elephant-foot drum (Dai people), wind pipe(Yi people) and Sanxian (a three-stringed plucked instrument of Yi people). 

There are colorful tourism products in Kunming. In addition to YunZi (Go Chess), Yunnan ChongCai Paintings, painted pottery, tie-dye products,which are favored by domestic and overseas guests,tourism products which use unique spot copper, tin, marble, stone of the stone forest, animal bones, bamboo root, teak, peacock feathers, butterflies, and so on as raw materials,also make countless tourists tempted for treasures.As for local food in Kunming, cross-bridge rice noodle, steamer chicken, spiced rice-flour cake and tricholoma matsutake, bamboo-sun, hericium, chicken fir, bacteria, etc, which are selected from thousands of kinds of wild mushrooms and once you taste these delicious mushrooms, you will never forget the flavor of them.

Kunming will definitely be known as a international tourism city. Welcome to Kunming! This Flower City and Spring City will always open to you, and wait to bring you pleasant surprise,happiness and unforgettable and good memories. 

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