Short-term Study Tour

1. Introduction

    International Student Education and Administration Office (ISEAO) of Yunnan University of Finance and Economics (YUFE) is in charge of student short-term study tour. On the basis of YUFE’s strong teaching strength and abundant Yunnan minority cultures, ISEAO has successfully run several programs for American, Bangladeshi and Vietnamese students. This program will be specially designed for students themselves according to their request and time. Students will study Chinese language, take part in cultural activities and sightseeing. During the social practice, based on students’ willing, a teacher will assist and lead students to visit suburbs of Kunming or famous places of interests in Yunnan, to study and experience cultures and customs of Yunnan ethnic groups. All the programs fulfilled have won good feedback and reputation.  

    The duration of this program can vary from one week to six months depending on students’ time and requests, and a separate class will be open if there are at least 15 students. Student recruitment happens at anytime during two semesters. There is no limitation for students’ educational background, but students need to be healthy and over 18 years old. 

2. Charges for a one-month study tour (For your reference)

Accommodation:  50RMB/day/student*30days =1500RMB/student

Tuition: 2100 RMB/person (will fluctuate depending on the class schedule)

Insurance: 160RMB/person

Registration: 400 RMB/person

Social practice fee:
      During social practices, one teacher will lead the trip and go with students; the actual cost will be based on the travel agency’s offer; the social practice fee (includes the entrance tickets and transportation) will be paid by the students themselves.


3. Contact us:

 Ms. Luo 

    International Student Education and Administration Office
    Tel: 0086-0871-65110327
    Fax: 0086-0871-65110303

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