School of Journalism and Communication

The School of Journalism and Communication comprises the Department of Journalism, the Department of Advertisement, Teaching and Research Department of College Chinese Language and the Experiment Center for News Transmission and Advertisement.

Now there are 563 full-time undergraduates in the School. The Advertising major focuses on the integrated marketing communications, which is an important university-level major and is an undergraduate advertising major founded earlier than most universities in China. Journalism (Financial and Economical News) is an important and excellent major in the university. This program is only available in 20 colleges and universities nationwide. Journalism (International Culture Trade) began to recruit students in 2010, and our university is the fourth university in China to offer this program (orientation).

The School has a team of young, dedicated and excellent teaching and management staff. Now, the School has 31 faculty members, including 24 full-time teachers and 7 management personnel. Among the full-time teachers, there are 3 professors, 8 associate professors and 13 lecturers. 6 of our teachers have acquired doctor’s degree and 2 teachers are studying for their doctor’s degree. More than 80% of the full-time teachers have acquired master’s degree or higher degree. The School also employs a group of famous experts and scholars from Fudan University, Communication University of China and other famous colleges and universities, as well as organizations in the education industry, to serve as principal lecturers or guest professors.

Teachers in the School are actively devoted to teaching and scientific research. In recent 3 years, they have presided over 17 government-level projects including subjects funded by the National Social Science Foundation as well as several crosswise projects and consulting subjects. These teachers have presided and compiled 2 publications; participated in the compilation of 7 publications; and published 98 academic essays.

In recent three years, the School of Journalism and Communication has maintained the employment rate of 95%. The School focuses on the cultivation of practical ability of students, and has founded internship bases in 17 institutes such as Lewis Group, Yunnan Television (YNTV), Spring City Evening News, Yunnan Branch of China News Service, Kunming Broadcast & Network Group (Kunming Radio and Television Network Co., Ltd.), etc. The students in the School of Journalism and Communication have repeatedly won awards in various provincial contests, even national contests, and the School ranks top in Yunnan Province.

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