School of Continuing Education

The School of Continuing Education specializes in adult higher education and non-degree continuing education & training. It was formerly Cadre Training Section of Teaching Affairs’ Office set in 1983 and was later transformed into Cadre Training Division in 1985, Adult Education Division in 1988, School of Adult Education in 1996 and re-named School of Continuing Education in 2007. It now has five divisions, respectively School Office, Market Expansion & Admission Office, Teaching Affairs Department, Degree Education Center and Training Center. There are totally 31 staff members, including 9 professors and associate professors and 10 doctors and master’s degree holders.

The School of Continuing Education provides correspondence program, part-time program and on-the-job program, undergraduate and graduate education modes, covering 26 majors such as finance, accounting, finance, law, statistics and computer applications, and is entitled to grant bachelor’s degree. At present, it has more than 50 teaching sites in and out of Yunnan Province, with current students reaching more than 17,000.

The School of Continuing Education is dedicated to meeting the adult higher education demand for undergraduate and graduate degrees, positively promotes first-class international & domestic professional certification, provides pre-service training, on-the-job further education and lifetime education and fully promotes high-level management and consulting services.

With the first-class faculty of Yunnan University of Finance and Economics, the School of Continuing Education fully integrates high-level resources of universities both at home and abroad, creates conditions for characteristic education research and development and actively promotes certification. At present, it has provided highly unique training programs on cadre comprehensive quality improvement, trend in administrative law, practical taxation skills, enterprise risk control and company president research & studies for many provinces, cities and districts of China. It also provides first-class certification services on Six Sigma, China Tax Consultant and China Contract Manager and several Chinese-foreign Cooperation programs such as PTE Academic English Test.

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