Modern Design Art College

Modern Design Art College was established in 2006 with 3 research institutes at school level, 1 art and design originality practice center and 1 gallery. The art and design originality practice center has 14 studios, 27 research orientations and 4 off-campus practice bases. YUFE’s Zhong Zhengshan Gallery has 14 studios, collecting hundreds of modern ink paintings donated by Mr. Zhong Zhengshan, exquisite paintings of many famous painters and thousands of folk arts items and crafts which are collected by Mr. Zhong Zhengshan in his life.

The School has expanded the international education channel, actively developed the cooperation with famous domestic and foreign universities and reestablished a long-term stable relationship with some foreign universities. Art Comments (the national arts peer-reviewed journal), Yunnan digital art design specialty teaching steering committee secretariat, organizing committee secretariat for the national college students originality design contest of "BrotherWin Cup" are all established in the School. In 2010 and 2011, entrusted by the Yunnan Provincial Education Department, the School coordinated with BrotherWin Culture Communication Co., Ltd. to hold 2 “BrotherWin Cup” International Originality Design Contests. 

Now the School has 14 professors and associate professors and 17 lecturers with strong research capability and rich practical experience. In recent years, there were more than 10 papers that have been published in major journals. There were more than 30 teaching materials regarding art design that have been formally published in Higher Education Press, Qinghua University Press and other national advanced publishers among which 6 books were awarded as National 11th Five-year Plan Teaching Materials.

The number of present undergraduate students of art design is more than 1500. Many undergraduate students have won several awards in provincial and national contests and a lot of students' creative works are published in major national journals.

Four-year Bachelor's Programs:



Visual Communication Design



Advertising Design

Animation Design

Photography and Video Post Production

Environmental Design



Three-year Master's Programs:



Design Mathematics


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