Law School

YUFE's Department of Law was founded in 2000. After 10 years of development, it has formed a comprehensive education system. The School has provided a lot of outstanding law talents for the socialism legal system construction. From 2000 to now, there have been 1,181 graduates. The School has trained nearly ten thousands of judges, prosecutors, lawyers and civil servants by correspondent or short-term training. Now 470 registered students enroll in the Law School, and the passing rate of National Judicial Examination has ranked top in Yunnan Province for 3 years, and its overall competitiveness has ranked top in Yunnan for years.

The Law School has a teaching faculty with good education background, professional quality and sense of responsibility. It now has 33 members of faculty, including 6 professors, 13 associate professors, 13 doctors (including doctoral candidates). Most of the teachers are also undertaking tasks as legal consultants, arbitrators, layers, etc. for the government, public institutions and enterprises, with rich experience in legal practice.

The School is also strong in research work. Up to now, its teachers have hosted 6 national-level research projects, more than 30 of provincial and ministry-level research projects. In addition, the School is seeing a rise in the number of published papers and publications.

Our Law School has already become a platform to gather regional excellent law talents and a window for law exchange and communication within ASEAN countries.

Four-year Bachelor's Programs:

International Affairs And International Relations


Schooling year


 4 year schooling

International Affairs And International Relations 4 year schooling

Three-year Master's Programs:

Major Schooling year

Theories Of Laws

3 year schooling 

Constitutional Law And Administrative Law

           3 year schooling


Civil Law And Commercial Law

3 year schooling 

Economics Law

3 year schooling 

International Law

3 year schooling 

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