Faculty of Applied Foreign Language Studies

Faculty of Applied Foreign Language Studies has a teaching force of 69 teaching staff members including over twenty professors and associate professors. Its major tasks cover both teaching for non-English majors both in undergraduate and postgraduate level, and relevant academic researches.

Based on the principles of “teaching according to the students’ aptitude”, the faculty has compiled and is implementing the Teaching Reform Based on Classification and Categorization, which is unique to Yunnan Province and pioneering in the west part of China. By emphasizing on the overall teaching quality improvement and continuous English teaching over the entire university study period, the student’s overall English proficiency was improved dramatically and the passing rate of CET-4 and CET-6 was raised substantially. With these achievements, the faculty was appointed as Yunnan Provincial Demonstration Unit for College English Teaching Reforms in 2010.

Presently, the faculty is devoted to improving the teaching efficiency by integrating modern IT technology, and expanding into the new dimension of English for Specific Purposes (ESP). The school introducing advanced Internet-based teaching software such as "My English Tutor" and "Writing Roadmaps", which combines self-learning of vocabulary, listing, speaking and reading based on human-computer interaction and intensive in-class teaching based on multimedia resources. New ESP courses are also introduced in accordance with different majors of the students. 

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