Department of Physical Education

Founded in June 1994, the Department of Physical Education of Yunnan University of Finance and Economics takes full charge of physical education, mass sports activities, sports trainings and competitions, physical capacity evaluation, and management of sports venues for the university. It was formerly known as the P.E. Teaching and Research Division of the Department of Basic Courses. In 1982, the division was separated from the department and became an independent teaching branch.

The Department of Physical Education is further divided into administrative office, teaching and research office, teaching and research office of group competition, and management center of sports venues. For disciplinary construction, the department has been making great efforts to introduce novel and interesting sports events in regular P.E. classes every one or two years under the principle of active research, constant innovation, and steady development.

The department has now 25 full-time P.E. teachers and 8 administrative staffs. Among the teachers, 20 of them hold bachelor’s degrees, and 4 of them have master’s degrees; 3 of them are professors, 12 are associate professors, 9 are instructors, and 1 is a teaching assistant; 4 of them are national-level referees, 10 are national first-grade referees, and 7 are national second-grade referees, accounting for 84% of the department teachers. In recent 3 years, the faculty has published 120 papers in total and completed 8 research projects.

The university currently offers two-year P.E. courses to freshmen and sophomores. The courses include basketball, volleyball, football, badminton, ping-pang, tennis, martial arts, free combat, swimming, aerobics, competitive bodybuilding, sports dance, yoga, taekwondo, orienteering, etc. Colleges of the university provide training sessions to high-level sports teams and health care curriculum to physically weak or handicapped students. With the improvement of venues and teachers, the department will offer optional sports classes to junior students in due time. We will further enrich and expand the structure and contents of sports courses to create a more open and independent environment for students.

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