ASEAN School

The ASEAN School was founded in April, 2007 and is a teaching and management unit of foreign cooperation mainly with the ASEAN and neighboring countries. The School has highly-qualified professional faculty and management staff, including 37 regular staff members (28 full-time teachers and 9 management personnel); among the staff members, there are 6 professors, 6 associate professors and 15 lecturers; 3 doctors and 28 masters, accounting for 84% of our staff. The School now has more than 800 students (including Chinese and overseas students) and nearly 400 of them are overseas students from Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, East Timor, South Korea, Sweden, France, Sri Lanka and other countries.

The School offers both international and domestic education programs.

For the education of overseas students, the School provides non-degree programs and undergraduate programs. Non-degree programs mainly falls into three categories: Chinese education, professional advanced education and visiting scholar exchange; undergraduate programs adopt “2+2” teaching mode (overseas students take basic courses at the ASEAN School to further improve Chinese in the first two years and take courses of selected major in corresponding schools in the last two years).

As for the education of Chinese students, the School now has four majors, respectively Finance Management (Thai, Vietnamese and Burmese), Chinese (International Business Chinese), Vietnamese (orientation: economy and trade) and Thai (orientation: economy and trade). The School is dedicated to the cultivation of all-around outstanding international talents fluent in foreign languages – student can master two foreign languages (English and one of Thai, Vietnamese and Burmese) excellent in majors – student has solid foundation knowledge of selected majors and masters finance management,and strong in competence – prominent comprehensive ability and practical application ability.

YUFE’s ASEAN School is striving to build itself up as one of the best platforms for internationalization program of the University in the spirit of people foremost, scientific development, quality improvement, Southeast Asian & South Asian features and practical talent cultivation, making positive and due contributions to the economic & social development of Yunnan and the building of China-ASEAN Free Trade Area.

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