Advanced Mandarin Courses

In Mandarin language training, we fully apply our advantages to highlight the unique feature: focusing on Business Mandarin teaching. Through this course, overseas students can gain not only basic mandarin and brief understanding of Chinese culture, but also the basic financial knowledge and technical terms in Mandarin, which is the foundation for those who are about to work towards related diplomas. Since the course of Business Mandarin was set up, the ASEAN School of YUFE has built up a high-standard team for Business Mandarin teaching, and gathered domestic renowned specialists to organize and compile a series of Business Mandarin textbooks with distinct characteristics, which has been proven effective in practice and is well received by overseas students.  

In order to have a better teaching effect, we implement the small class model, in which overseas students are assigned to different class levels according to their Mandarin level when entering the school, to ensure that every oversea student can learn and practice Mandarin specifically in a designed small class that fits their level and learning traits. 

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