Features of Education

In recent years, YUFE has served the local socio-economic growth based on the principle of “opening minds and promoting innovation”. The university has been taking full advantage of its strengths in majors such as finance and economics and its unique locations as neighboring Southeast Asian countries to enhance discipline development and teaching quality. Through long-term efforts, a basic framework that focuses on cultivating undergraduate and graduate students from home and abroad has been formulated. With the support from Yunnan Provincial government, YUFE has established two social science research bases, namely “Yunnan Provincial Foreign Financial Cooperation Research Center” and “Yunnan Provincial Training Center for Internationalized Professionals of Regional Economics”. Now, YUFE is playing a key role in promoting the economic and educational cooperation in the region.  

1.Fundamental Degree Programs (Four-year Bachelor program, three-year Master program)

YUFE has developed its course curriculum to make it as reasonable as it could be, to meet the demand of social and economic development. The theory learning, case study and practice are combined together in teaching process to reach the requirement of training advanced well-rounded talents in the business world.

2. Dual Degree Programs

YUFE has worked with partners in France, Australia and United States for joint “3+1”, “1+2+1” and “2+1” education programs. Students could be sent to host institution after they complete a certain years of study in YUFE. The dual bachelor or master degree will be awarded if they meet the requirements of both institutions.

3. Joint Programs with Western Countries

YUFE has established working relations with universities in United States, Australia and Britain to absorbed excellent educational resources from abroad and establish joint programs to cultivate lots of professionals. All these programs have already been officially approved by the Ministry of Education of China.

4. Joint Programs with ASEAN Countries

YUFE has worked with partners in countries such as Vietnam and Thailand to set up joint "3+2", "2+2" or "3+3" programs. Students could be sent to YUFE after they complete a certain years of study in home institution. YUFE degree will be awarded if they meet the requirements of both institutions.

5. Special Courses in English

Taking advantage of its excellent faculty, YUFE has developed a set of special courses taught in English to introduce China’s achievements in economy and society since 1980s, attracting many overseas students to come for short-term or long-term course learning.

These courses include:
★ General Introduction of China

★ Chinese Cultural Experience

★ General Introduction of Southeast Asia

★ International and Regional Economic Cooperation

★ Chinese Management

★ Business Negotiation and Communication in Eastern World

★ Contemporary Economic Issues in China

★ Management Reform of Chinese Corporations

★ Internationalization of Chinese and Foreign Corporations

★ Chinese Policy and Practice

★ Chinese International Business

★ Chinese International Trade

6.Language Courses

Language courses such as Vietnamese, Thai and Lao are offered to students majoring in Financial Management. Meanwhile, optional language courses are available to all students to train professional talents with diverse language capabilities.


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