Recent Achievements

Faculty 34 Principal Professors and Distinguished Professors; 4 state-level candidate of the project of "Hundreds, Thousands, and Ten Thousands of Talents for the New Century"; 5 members of Teaching Guidance Committee of Higher Education Institutions; 17 experts awarded with special allowance of the State Council; 9 technical talents awarded with special allowance of the provincial government for outstanding services; 26 provincial-level academic and technical leaders and reserves; 5 provincial-level research leaders in higher education and 15 provincial-level outstanding teachers.

Teaching 3 PhD programs of first level disciplines; 10 master degree programs of first level disciplines; 59 master's degree programs of second level disciplines; 13 professional master degree programs; YUFE has 53 undergraduate majors, 4 national distinguished majors, 1 national distinguished course, 1 national distinguished video open course, 1 national bilingual model course and has joined the Student Innovation & Entrepreneurship Training Program,; 13 provincial key programs; 5 exquisite featured disciplines; 7 provincial key disciplines; 1 provincial pilot discipline for educational mode reform; 2 provincial pilot disciplines for comprehensive reform; 19 provincial distinguished courses; 1 provincial distinguished video open course; 4 provincial bilingual model courses; 5 provincial experimental teaching centers; 4 provincial experimental areas for innovative educational mode; 1 provincial practical teaching capability enhancement project for undergraduates; 1 outstanding engineer training program; 6 provincial teaching teams; 10 excellent teacher studios for higher learning institutions in Yunnan province. YUFE has won 1 second prize of state-level teaching award, 12 provincial teaching awards, 1 first prize of excellent teaching materials awarded by the Ministry of Education of China; 10 teaching materials for the Twelfth Five-Year Plan; 7 provincial outstanding teaching materials; 3 provincial exquisite teaching materials. YUFE has been approved by the Department of Education of Yunnan Province as university for undergraduate innovative experimental program, model university for college English teaching reform and small language talents training unit, and also chosen by the government of Yunnan as the international talents training base for regional economic cooperation of Yunnan. 

Research Since 2008, YUFE has established inclusive cooperation with more than 100 higher education institutions, research institutes as well as enterprises and institutions in China, as well as local governments in Yunnan, undertaken 61 national research projects and 289 provincial research projects. We have established a series of substantial inter-university or university-enterprise cooperation programs and practice bases such as state-level innovative experimental area for international accounting talents training mode reform, provincial innovative experimental area for internationalized and regionalized tourism talents training mode reform, innovative experimental area for statistics talents training mode reform and innovative experimental area for human resource management talents training mode reform. 

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