Yin Hong, Vice President of YUFE, Conducted a Survey on Foreign-Aid Training Programs

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On 21st September, Yin Hong, Vice President of YUFE, visited YUFE International Business School to conduct a survey on the running and training of Ministry of Commerce’s Foreign-Aid Official Training Base, degree education programs sponsored by Ministry of Commerce PRC and the “Belt and Road” Chinese Government Scholarship Programs by Ministry of Education PRC. Yin Hong spoke highly of the hard work done by IBS on international student education and training. Against existent problems and difficulties, Yin Hong asked departments of foreign affairs and international student management to actively coordinate with each other, in order to constantly improve teaching facilities, enrich faculty and enhance the level of management and service.

Zhang Honglie, vice president of IBS, reported the current status, existent problems and difficulties of these three programs. Zeng Qian, deputy director of International Cooperation & Exchange Department, discussed about the quality of training, and Shi Xiaojing, deputy director of International Student Education and Management Center talked about the problems in international student management.

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