YUFE Held Graduation Ceremony for Students of Year-2017 Sino-Australia Cooperative Undergraduate Program

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In the morning of June 19, the graduation ceremony for students of the year-2017 Sino-Australia undergraduate program was held at the International Report Hall of YUFE International Business School. Heather Cavanagh, vice president of Charles Sturt University, Muhammad Khan Arif, curriculum director of YUFE International Business School, Li Yan, chief of China Office of Charles Sturt University, and Quan Hongtao, vice president of YUFE, attended the ceremony.

Quan Hongtao addressed the ceremony on behalf of YUFE. He encouraged graduates to continue carrying on their good qualities, realize their dreams, and make a career. Heather Cavanagh looked back on the history and achievements of the Sino-Australia cooperative program and expressed his hearty congratulation to graduates. He also presented Good Manager Award and Good Teacher Award to teachers of the Sino-Australia cooperative program.

Xiao Shuyang addressed the ceremony as student representative. She expressed her gratitude to YUFE and looked into the future. She also encouraged all graduates to make persistent efforts and bring YUFE and YUFE International Business School’s spirit to their future work and study.

Heather Cavanagh and Muhammad Khan Arif presented a degree certificate of Charles Sturt University to graduates jointly. They also took a group photo with graduates and parents.

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