2017 Foreign Affairs Meeting Held at YUFE

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In the morning of April 14, YUFE International Cooperation & Exchange Department held 2017 Foreign Affairs Meeting, which was presided over by Yin Hong, vice president of YUFE. Leaders and clerks in charge of foreign affairs of all schools (departments and institutes) attended the meeting. Wang Rongdang, director of YUFE International Cooperation & Exchange Department, Wang Zhihui, deputy director of YUFE International Cooperation & Exchange Department, and Li Hongmin, chief of YUFE Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs Office, gave a speech at the meeting.

Yin Hong pointed out that YUFE’s internationalized education development was mingled with both hope and fear. He expected that all schools and departments worked actively with the university to do internationalization jobs so that internationalized education can further develop on a deeper and wider basis.

Li Hongmin introduced her efforts in Taiwan in recent years and explained recent changes in the policies as to going to Taiwan on business. In combination with the spirit of documents relating going abroad on business in recent years, Wang Rongdang analyzed general situations and requirements of going abroad on business in the future and expressed his opinions on how to dispatch persons to go abroad on business, increase application efficiency, and improve dispatch work quality. Finally, Wang Zhihui made an explanation on the classification, application deadline, requirements, and instructions of government-sponsored projects.

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