Thailand Rai Royal University and YUFE Renewed the Cooperation Memorandum

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In the morning of June 29, a delegation of nine members, including Sornchai Mungthaisong, president of Thailand Rai RoyalUniversity, Poramin Aridech, president of Education School of Thailand Rai RoyalUniversity, visited YUFE. Yin Hong, vice president of YUFE, met with visitors.

Sornchai Mungthaisong pointed out that the Chinese International Trade program set at Thailand Rai RoyalUniversity was highly praised by all walks of life. He hoped that both schools could cooperate with each other in the future so that Thailand Rai RoyalUniversity could send excellent students of the Chinese International Trade program to study at YUFE. He also invited YUFE teachers to work as visiting professors at Thailand Rai RoyalUniversity. Meanwhile, he suggested that both schools should choose a proper theme and date and hold an international conference or exhibition jointly.

Yin Hong said that both schools have a good cooperation foundation as well as similar programs. He hoped that the visit could deepen both parties’ mutual trust and realize multi-layer cooperation in more fields. He agreed to Sornchai Mungthaisong’s ideas on cooperation. After the meeting, leaders of both schools exchanged the renewed cooperation memorandum. This marked that the cooperation between both schools stepped into a new stage.

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