YUFE Delegation Attends the 2nd Red River University Presidents Forum and Visits Vietnamese Colleges

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Form October 5th to 8th, upon the invitation of Hanoi Social Sciences Humanities University (HSSHU) which belongs to Vietnam National University, vice president Yin Hong from YUFE led an education delegation to attend the 2nd Red River University Presidents Forum held by HSSHU. The delegation also attended the celebration of 70th anniversary of HSSHU, and visited Hanoi Foreign Trade University which belongs to Vietnam National University. Education Department of Yunnan province, 30 higher institutions form both in and outside Yunnan include Yunnan University, Kunming University of Science and Technology, as well as other relevant Vietnamese universities attended these activities.

During the visit, Yunnan university delegations paid a joint visit to Chinese Embassy in Vietnam. YUFE delegation also visited the former Consul-general of Consulate General of Socialist Republic of Vietnam in Kunming. In the afternoon of October 6th, YUFE delegation greeted all the YUFE students form class 13-1 of Vietnamese major who have been studying in HSSHU for one year “3+1” program. The delegation held a warm talk with students for two hours.

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