To Be with You: A Cultural Tour to Tengchong for Foreign Teachers

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From November 15th to 17th, International Cooperation and Exchange Office arranged foreign teachers to visit Tengchong. Eight foreign teachers from America, Australia, Latvia, Vietnam and Myanmar participated in this tour.

Foreign teachers were very interested in long history, abundant culture and unique and various natural sceneries of Tengchong. They were amazed to see the unsophisticated and elegant Heshun Ancient Town, peculiar and magnificent Volcanic Park and Geothermic Park, peaceful and beautiful gingko village and wetland.

All the foreign teachers are very satisfied with this tour. When talking about favorite place during this tour, each foreign teacher expressed his own idea. American teacher Tom said the gingko village was the most beautiful place; Latvian teacher Janis said his favorite was the hot spring in Geothermic Park…While American teacher Patrick said:” to be with all of you is the best.” All teachers smiled and agreed.

The three-day tour made the foreign teachers who lived outside their own countries with different cultural backgrounds build a deep friendship which brought them added warmth and care and enhanced their belongingness to YUFE.

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