Basketball Match between French and Chinese Students

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On September, 28th, the school of Foreign Language holds an exciting basketball match. The two opponents are International students who come from France and Chinese students. The match aims to improve the relationships between the French students and the Chinese students in YUFE. Also, the match bridges the friendship and represents a new beginning for the International students in China.

It is definitely a close match which begins at 5 p.m. At the beginning, the Chinese team gives a good performance for their excellent teamwork. Thus, the score of Chinese team is a bit higher than that of French team. However, the French players don’t give up. They try their best to play well and for a short while, the scores are even. Cheers and applause are given from the spectators. The Final score is 55:46. Chinese students finally won the game.

No matter what the result is, the game provides a great opportunity for both Chinese and French students to establish a good relationship. In recent years, the School of Foreign Language puts more emphasis on International cooperation. The exchange program with the ESC Montpellier, France, develops the educational communication into a new stage.

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