The activity themed “Happy Children’s Day, Experiencing Making Pottery”

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On the morning of May 29th, the activity for Children’s Day was held in the pottery workroom of the School of Modern Design Art, which was hosted by the labor union of the Information and Technology School. About 25 parents and 19 kids attended this activity.

The theme of the activity was “ Happy Children’s Day, Experiencing Making Pottery ” . Teacher Yang Haibo amply introduced the process of producing pottery: drive the clay into pieces, cut the pieces into bars, surround the bars into a shape, stick fine slit to bar, take tools to scrape the shape, polish it, carve design pattern, make corners and fittings, stick ornamentals, glaze, at last, take it into the kiln for firing.

Meanwhile, Mr. Yang also introduced different kinds of tools and how to exactly use them. Then, some students in the workroom guided the children and their parents to produce potteries in detail. Children used their imagination to produce many ceramic wares in about two hours, like small tortoise, small pig, dinosaur, small car, ashtray, money pot and so on. Laugh was full of the workroom.

When the activity ended, the union gave every child a set of stationery. With the elaborate preparation of the union, both parents and the children had a happy and significant Children’s Day.

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