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Yunnan University of Finance and Economics is a very amazing university at the north of Kunming. It was founded in 1951. YNUFE has been successively evaluated as a Provincial Key University. And we mainly focus on Economics, Management and Law,. But also we value coordinated development of Philosophy, Literature, Natural Science and Engineering. And a beautiful, comfortable and attractive college environment is the key to our school to get a call—Garden University.

Now, just let the landscape in YNUFE tell you what is “Garden University”.

This is the maintrafficartery of our university, it fills of green.

A pavilion in the park near by Dingxiang Cafeteria.

A small park in front of educational buildings.

Main educational building.

This is our big library. It has received the highest award of China association of construction enterprise management -- High Quality Project.

Ground track field.

Have you been drawn into YUFE? Weather here is sunny ; environment here, is cosy ; people here are nice 。 Welcome!

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