The seventh “kite design day” sented blessing to our university

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On May 7th, the seventh kite design competition was held in the playground of our university. This competition was held by the Youth League Committee of YUFE, undertaken by the Committee of Accounting School. There are 18 groups from different schools joined in the competition. 15 representatives of students were judges. The deputy secretary Yan Zhaohua was present in the competition and interact with students.

At 3 o’clock in the afternoon, after the transitory flying, the competition began. Each group showed their kites one by one, and explained what the pictures on the kite meant for. Then, each group began to fly their kites in company with the timekeeper.

Thanks to the previous technical training and their hands in glove, the kites were settled into a steady state, attracting many people’s attention. The kites in blue sky were flying like butterflies with different colors and shapes, but showed the same wish: the love and blessing to our university.

At 5 o’clock in the afternoon, all the groups completed the competition successfully, and took photos with staff and judges.

This competition has improved the communication among different schools, developed students’ cooperation ability, and colored their extracurricular life. With the coming day of 90th birthday of the Party and 60th birthday of our university, students chose to fly kites to show their blessing and gratitude.

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