Essay Contest——“Art and Responsibility of Love”

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Dear students:

As undergraduates, you are well educated and have abundant emotional experience. Love in campus is a very important lesson in your daily lives. Because of love’s naturality, sociality and complexity, we should not only deal with it with our mind, but also be in accordance with its natural tendency. The psychological troubles in love mainly stem from us. Bigoted mind, conformity, love illusion can make originally beautiful love go contrary to our wishes, and then hurt others. The problems of how to well deal with the connection between love and study, love and growth, love and health, love and personality, how to optimize the knowledge of marriage, sexology and society, how to strengthen the sense of responsibility to ourselves, friends, parents and society, need our collective efforts. Therefore, the psychological education and consulting center of student office hold this essay contest about our love psychology, with the theme of “Art and Responsibility of Love”.

First: The requirements

1、 The essay should be original, free angle, you can also choose one theme below:

(1) How to adjust our emotions when facing love problems.

(2) How to reasonably deal with love contradiction.

(3) Focus on some bad matters of undergraduates’ love and give your own suggestions.

(4) Discussion about the responsibilities undergraduates should take in love.

(5) What to do when being crossed in love.

2、 The type of the essay is free, under 2000 words.

Second: Deadline

Until 17:30, 31st May.

Third: The way of contributing

Paper copy and electronic edition should be hand in at the same time. Paper copy should be handed to Room 106, the Student Office. Electronic edition is to be sent through E-mail, the address is .

Fourth: Awards

First price: 5 students, 500 yuan everybody

Second price: 10 students, 200 yuan everybody

Third price: 20 students, 100 yuan everybody

When the contest ends, outstanding compositions will be compiled into a book.

Fifth: tel-5112796. linkmen: Teacher Gao & Teacher Zhao

The Psychological Education and

Consulting Center of Student Office


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