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The university library hosts a book collection of 1,600,000 volumes. The multi-functional gymnasium and the university network spreading over classrooms, offices, and student dormitories create a pleasant and convenient environment for the teachers and students.

The university libraries at Yunnan University of Finance & Economics are regarded as one of the key resources for economics information and documents. The total floor area of the libraries of all three campuses is 33,133 square meters (including the old library, new library and libraries in the West, North and South campuses). The new library hosts a collection of 1.6 million volumes, of which 70% are related to economics and management. The whole library system provides over 3,000 seats and has access to eleven databases providing virtual resources.

The new library, which was put into use in 2005, covers a floor area of over 20,000 square meters. It provides one multi-functional electronic reading room, seven Chinese book reading areas, two Chinese periodical reading rooms, one foreign language book reading room and one English and Chinese newspaper reading room. The library has also set up two research rooms hosting 30 seats for researchers and one individual study room hosting 300 seats for students. In general, the new library offers 1,850 seats and is open 98 hours each week.

By utilizing an automated catalog system and an open-shelf system, the university library aims to turn itself into an open, multi-functional, digitized, network-based, state-of-the-art facility. The university library is distinct in its diverse collection of volumes in the fields of finance, management, and law. Its holdings are searchable via the university library’s electronic catalog system, an online portal, and a full-service reference desk. With a stunning appearance, a friendly environment, efficiently managed systems, and an abundant collection, the newly built library building is committed to facilitating academic studies and research.

Accessing the YUFE Library:

1. Before entering the library, please present your student ID card first.

2. Go to the Book Retrieval System on the left side of the library hall on the first floor to determine the availability and the location of the book you want.

3. Get the book you want.

4. Go to the lending section to borrow your book. Remember to give both the book and your student ID card to the librarian.

5. Please do not forget to return the book by the due date.

Regulations for Borrowing Books:

1. Book limit: 1

2. Time limit: 50 days

3. Renewal: 30 days

4. Fines for late returned books: 0.10 yuan/day/book

5. If you lose a library book, you will have to buy a new one of the same edition. If you fail to buy one of the same edition, there will be a penalty of as much as 10 to 21 times the price of the book.

(2). Dining Halls

World Trade Restaurant

Dingxiang Restaurant

Yinxing Restaurant

Open: 07:00-08:00 11:00-13:00 17:00-19:00 (Times may change according to school arrangements.)

The World Trade Restaurant offers food at night until 21:00.

Please use your Campus ID Card to pay. Cash is not accepted at these dining halls.

(3). Bathhouse

There are two bathhouses on campus.

Open: 09:00-21:00

Please use your Campus ID Card.

(4). Internet Access

Free wired connection is available in the dormitories.

There is a computer room on the first floor of the new library. (Charges: 1~2 yuan per hour)

You can also buy a wireless network card to access available wireless internet in campus buildings.

(5). Gym

Open: 09:00-21:00 on weekdays

Charges: Table tennis: 2 yuan per hour, 5yuan no limit on time

Badminton: 5 yuan-15 yuan per hour

Features: The YUFE gym has a basketball court in addition to the table tennis and badminton courts. There are also many athletic facilities scattered throughout the campus including an outdoor running track which is open from 06:30 to 21:30, three tennis courts, and many outdoor basketball courts.

(6). Laundry

You can find at least two full automatic washing machines in every dorm which cost only three yuan (coins only) for clothes weighing approximately 3kg. Also for your convenience, there are several dry cleaning facilities in or near the campus. Dry cleaning usually costs less than 20 yuan per item. High-quality clothes may cost anywhere from 30 to 120 yuan per item.

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